Reviews for "Tom & Wade fight the spam"

People are to stupid to understand the humor

Not sure why so many people don't even understand the humour in this.


I'm sorry, man, but that just wasn't funny or entertaining. Really, the only reason you got a 1 and not 0 is because of these fluidity of the movie. Short, poor... just not good. Maybe humor's not your thing. Try using your movie skills for something more serious.

Do you know how to say Epic Win!?

No... You don't?

[Eh-Pick W-in]
Close enough. :3


Just plain funny, not much to the animation but great all the same


The graphics were ok, but not good. The voice acting and music was really off, and well the fact that the faces didnt even talk was distruping.

The shortness really lost it, and while the meassage meant something, it didnt get to people.

Sorry but this is a 2.

P.S dont thumbs me down because I rated this flash lowly and actually stated my reasons for it, if you liked it, good. If you didnt, thats good too.