Reviews for "Stickerbrush Symphony (Ga"

Somehow, you did it right, specially with the transition between the serene part to a rock style and back: Is sounded extremely epic! Seriously! Great Job, one of the best remixes of this song I had Heard =)

I don't know how but even the hard part was soothing. This song works so great, good job.

bro... stickerbrush symphony is one of the softest songs I know, and you still managed to pull it off. as a matter of fact, you made it sound even better than before! then at 1:58 your heavy metal knocked the dust off this song completely! bravo, man! bravo!

It's just pure amazing. It was relaxing while being played even on the fast metal part of the song. I enjoy listening to this and I request that you make similar songs like this.

very good

you doed a very very good wark whit music