Reviews for "Stickerbrush Symphony (Ga"

ho man...

you man are very good, what else can i say?

That was beautifully done

First time i have ever heard the song redone in metal form, Two really big thumbs up, straight into the sun until they burn off into oblivion.
seriously though nice job on this song, Im gonna save this to my mp3 list later.


At first I wasn't sure what to expect listening to this song because I've only ever heard it in a soft tone, so when the metal started to kick in at first I was shocked because it was the first time hearing this song done with a harder sound, then I got into and started bobbing my head to the beat and to be honest, I think this is one of the best remixes for this song I've ever heard.
10/10 For Originality.
10/10 For Quality.
10/10 For Sticking to the Song.
10/10 For Managing to make it soft and hard in the same song and managing to keep that necessary flow between the two and make it feel like the song had always been this way.
I'm not too familiar with your work, only having listened to Big Blue and now this, great work on Big Blue by the way. But you have made a believer out of me that you are truly talented! I look forward to hearing your future mixes and also look forward to going back and listening to your older ones. Please continue the amazing work!

TL;DR - Effing amazing, more please!


I ve listen, almost all your songs...

This Challenge

You NAILED this challenge you've given yourself!
I can't stop listening to it------
What amp are you using here??