Reviews for "Stickerbrush Symphony (Ga"

You've done it now!

And by that I mean you've successfully blended the depressed hours listening to this song with the raging hours listening to heavy metal. I can dig it x10




I just liked a song that wasnt heavy metal...

This is just great. I love guitar melodies over keyboards etc...levels were perfect (dynamics are way important to me) This was so well done.

The guitaring was really fantastic. I just sat being tickled in the mind with the various licks...

I really like the heavy twist with an original feel still based on the theme. This has so much different stuff in it, for me this is flawless. Everything a song should be.

Thats an achievement. Definiely keep it up!

(that jazz solo around 4:00 was like a guitaring spoonful of sugar to me ears. I dont think that makes any sense but you get it...one guitarist to another...)

this is fu***ng awesome

you can feel proud of yourself for this song, it is absolutely great, if only i could raise it's score more than (+ 0.0015)

REALLY? Laid Back 2 WTF Awesome?

Didn't really catch me at first- then it suddenly Kicks @$$! Way to go... We Be Jamman Man! I catch the drums comment as my roomate is a drummer & I used to slam Lead, so I'm a fan of un-conventional & A-rhythmic everything. I'll have to keep tabs! :)