Reviews for "Stickerbrush Symphony (Ga"

Nice One

you would make a great games audio maker this brings back so many memories of the games i play great selection and choice it deserve's to be on a awseome game keep up the good work !

Johnny Death

Im gonna remember that name for when you become a superstar :D, I havent seen anything this good on newgrounds befor!

Keep up the great work! i want to hear more like this


Dude, this is powerful stuff. Love it. Keep it up!


Wow this is great remix, love it! This also brings me so many memories :)


Im sure this is from the awesomeness that is DKC2 not 1 Keep them coming man im all over your tunes man your defiantly one if my most fav Audio Artists in this Site that even puts OCR to Shame! (Be Honored! heh)