Reviews for "Stickerbrush Symphony (Ga"


I love listening to music to stirs me! Happy Cookie Month everyone! I love this song, I think it's great! 10 out of 10 circular cookies great! TEN OUT OF TEN COOKIES!


You did a great job with this. Really like it. :)

yeah Man

I've been waiting a long time for something like this. It gives me this mixture of Donkey Kong classical and Symphony X.

You have no idea how much your song has brought back memories into my life. Those were the days. I love it. If you can make more it would be awesome. Thanks for making this!!! I love this!!!

Sticker Brush Symphony was one of my favorite tracks in Donkey Kong country 2. Now i seek for one giving the "Mine" feel....

Good Job!!!

Love it.

It kept the feeling of the original song and then it just picked up.

Red steel

I dont know why this remind me like a Red Steel song on the begining but doesn't matter anyway! have 10 bro