Reviews for "Stickerbrush Symphony (Ga"

Great and peiceful

I was going to sleep tonight and i loged on to see if there was anymusic and i get this Praze the lord!

Really is an amazing piece.

For people who need a short sum up: This is an amazingly good remix that deserves a 5/5 and a 10/10. STOP READING THE COMMENTS AND LISTEN TO IT NOW.

But really, is there anything I can say that hasn't been said before? I have to agree that this is an amazing remix and my only complaint is that, for the first two minutes, I didn't even recognize it was you. It was only after the guitars kicked in when I decided to click on the song itself to discover who the artist was. However, this isn't a bad thing; the opposite, actually. I love how the beginning is a remake of the original song with only a little bit of guitar playing. It is just as soothing as the original and brought back a lot of good memories. Then the guitars break the monotony and the tune takes a fun change of pace with some good old heavy metal. Nothing ever really feels out of place to me and I'm glad to say that you've done this song justice in my eyes.

Yet again, you've done an amazing job Jonny. Kudos.

Just bloody amazing!

I can't explain it's just so awesome! This should a theme song or something!


this is really great
keep up the work!

Hey man, this tune is GREAT!

If you don't mind, can I have permission to use this in my future youtube videos? I promise to give you full credit.

Tune: Stickerbrush Symphony by Johnny Death (from the Newgrounds Audio Portal)

And when I heard this, i went HOLY TALLYWACK DKAHLKAG