Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

StickmanFire's review:

Totally amazing.
I loved this game.
It was so cool, there isn't anything I can really say to improve it.
It's just too good.
I loved this.
But I can't expect less really, from you three.

Yours sincerely

Great game, too easy.

Mabye there should have been penalties for using the wrong item. Also, a highscore system would have been welcome.




it's nice and i finished the game in 11 days

This game is rated ARRRRR... for really cool

First of all i got to say sorry for the corny title. I really had to do that. Anyway this game was great. Its a put all defence games to shame. I love the unique approach you took with the weapons (nothing like stabbing a blob with a rusty nail) and story. The monsters gave a little too much money yet this countered by constant usage of the money Ex. cannon balls and bullets. The monster are easily killed but the is countered by the click-drag-kill combat style. My only complaint that is not countered by anything is well... uhhh give me a second... nope I have none. This game is can be improved though. Add more monsters and more weapons. All in all this game great me'harty.