Reviews for "Shore Siege!"


just wow, I usually dont say this about your work EXP but you've done it this time, you took a overly used type of game play and found a way to make it original, one of the only defense games with an ending thats part of the reason why I like it so much. After a while it seemed like to coder gave up and it just gets to the point where nothings going to ever change in the game and thats the end of the game, the point where theres nothing new.

But you made a ending and you get total props, when I think of that never ending part of the game I think of viva pinata for some odd reason.

The-EXP responds:

Always a pleasure to hear from you, my Best friend forever :D

oh man!!

dude! the music, THE MUSIC!!!^^


I love this. I did get my ass kicked when the metal blimps came in, but, it is great fun. A definite addition to my favorites.

Cool game

Good game but it get easy when you upgrade the weapons, and were a little confusing that the magnet aren't at the bottom bar, but it's easier when it apears when you hold over the roling bombs.

Great game

14 days! screw you both haha