Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

Great Game

This was a great game. Kept me entertained for a while and i really liked the ending. Don't listen to i-am-god who gave you a 7 saying the ending was stupid


great game i loved it

i beat it in a hour

its great!

great !

its very adictive, but coude use more upgrades

Very nice game

The game is rather simple. I've seen this kind of idea a few times before, but this one was kinda different. Maybe because of the art, maybe because of the theme... I don't know, it was just different from what I've seen before. I think this made this game a little more special.

The drawings were very good. I forgot to read the "author comments", but I could easily figure out who inspired the art. Dan Paladin is sure a great artist. The sounds were also nice, matching with the "pirate" theme. Well done.

The game itself was great. It seemed a little boring in the beginning (where we could only use the little nail), but it got constantly better, with the new enemies & weapons. What bothered me a little was the way you have to select the weapons. Maybe if there were a short-cut to them, like some hotkeys or similar...

Overall, a great game, very enjoyable. I really like your games, they're very creative. Keep up the good work!