Reviews for "Shore Siege!"



Shore Siege!

Wheres the instructions...?

relly sux if u dont play r better 4 u

bored game relly sux

It really wasn't that good of a game.

This time, I can't take graphics or storyline into my final score because the meat of the game, the coding and design, was awful.

If the all the different weapons at least put a scratch on all the different enemies, I would of given it a 4, but no nothing. It's not even worth playing after the second level.

All the weapons, not only should affect the enemies maybe all in a different way, but they all should upgrades and possibly more depth by combining them or something.
Big continuity in the game too. Why the fuck can't the scientist just make the ship fly or something wild and get them the fuck out of there???

Disgrace to defense games. You've introduced nothing new in this game.
You should read all the comments and make a sequel.


14th day and 74hp for the ship