Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

extremly good game

really unique monsters and unique ways to defeat them. Loved the birds mobs and using them to blast whatever which is beneath them. Only thing i can think of that can be improved is the difficulty, i thought it was a bit to easy, none of the monsters ever reached my ship.

on a game play note when you get max snipers, it is pointless to throw the metal blobs since the snipers will blast them while they are inn the air anyways, unless you throw them really high, which is a risk.

Arrr, ye plundered me time and paid me hearty!

Fun game, my only gripe is needing to drag the tools/hold mouse click to use them.

Escape time: 11 days


and thats all i have to say on this game

Great game

the game is very good


A very nice game...
Escaped in 17 days with all of the stuff...
I sure hope that there is a sequel!