Reviews for "Shore Siege!"


This was an extremely interesting and fun game. All of the aspects were quite different from any other games I have played in the past.

I liked the fact of being able to upgrade the items, making them do more damage. The only time I got frustrated was with the guys who could only be hurt by being bombed, and shot at with a turret.

Overall, great game, hope to see more.

This game is cool

I like this game because it have got some good effects and I done it in 19 days.


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Anyway....Holy moly! You made this? I saw this on Andkon, nice work! I beat it twice, one without upgrades, lolz.

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different from most tower defense games and i love it great game i beat it in 22 days

its very good

its really good, but u r bad without a mouse on a laptop. the game is very good, and i liked it.