Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

Got boring easy...

The first couple of days were pretty fun, new enemies, new ways to kill enemies, etc. Just after I upgraded everything it became WAY too easy. There was really no use of the turret and it definately wasn't worth the price set on it. Easier to drop two bombs for 40 than to pay 800 to place the turret.
A boss battle would of been nice, more weapons/monsters. The last couple days were pretty repetetive and I only finished them so the time it took me to get to that loop wasn't wasted.
Overall though, good game, nice and everything, decent drawing style, nice sound effects, kept me entertained for the 20 days it took me to beat it , so like half hour, good job man. 9/10 5/5


as many people before me stated u need a different way to select weapons.
it was still an amazingly funn game.

Really good game

For sure it's a good made game, but I agree, a bit more upgrades n' stuff and it would be perfect :D


a classic!

a great game with simple but innovative ways to play! grat job! 5/5 9/10 because there arent enough thing to buy eventually and a little too short


I love the art work especially, but the game plays really well; the learning curve is about right; and as the game ads new weapons and monsters gradually, you can play immediately and don't have to wade through a tutorial.