Reviews for "2008| Meet the Spy"


The pyro was awesome and now the spy hurray man l love u.


As a huge fan of TF2, I must say I enjoyed this video very much! Nice graphics and it shows most of the spy's features.

Really good

Well, i cant really say much, but that was amazing, it was really well done, in the stype off the other real 'meet the' movies from team fortress 2.
The animation and graphics were pretty good, i just cant wait for valve to release some more of these videos.
Meak some moar please XD


Good idea but good be a lot better. Graphics could be improved

Good Fan Contribution

This is a perfect example of a good piece of fanwork by caring fans. While it did have some problems, it ended up being a movie which is pretty loyal to the persons it portrays.

The voices were quite good (I loved how you managed to pull of the Spies snorting laugh), the dialogue was good, and I really smiled at the spy disguise (A companion cube.)

That said, it still suffered from a little too slow animation. The pace was a little weird, and not like the official "Meet the..." videos. This is very off-putting at times.

Never the less, I loved it!