Reviews for "2008| Meet the Spy"

LOL. HILARIOUS(if thats how you spell it) :/

LOOOL. "PIKABOO" -stabs-

Love it man. ;D

Reminds me of counter strike...o_o


the only reason you dont like it, Stubee, is cuz ur an idiot grinder who only want to run around it circle shoot ur enemy, die, and repeat. God forbid the game have variety.


nice video and TF2 rocks you dick fuck stubee

Pretty much sums up why TF2 sucks!

That and its poor hit detection. il stick to halo3 and cod4

As for the video, pretty good, jokes were a little obvious though

Great Likelyness to an actual one

I have to agree with JDell1101 about how ths is so much like a Valve one.. its short just like normal ones, and it has good humor that shows what that character is all about. Also I liked the slight reference you made to the Meet the Sniper