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Reviews for "2008| Meet the Spy"


So true. Hide and go seak. Nicew work on the animation to.


This should be featured.

Anyway, when the spy attacks the heavy weapon guy ("peek-a-boo!"), is that Phoenix Wright's hobo hat?


that was actually really good! im throughouly impressed by your creativity and imagination

your ability to adapt your own ideas to the actual style was great! kudos!

In my humble opinion..

It really helped the score that the movie was about Team Fortress 2 (great game! Seen the latest Sniper movie?).

Just like the first one, the dialogue was boring and there was nothing clever about it. The only decent line is 'ONLY YOU DIE'. But the way it was delivered kinda ruined it. (Sorry, I know voice acting is hard).

The action was a step down from 'Meet the Pyro' which I thought was more enjoyable (the action part). Seeing the Spy stab, stab, stab wasn't all that interesting.

Still, props for staying true to the TF2 graphic, but I gotta ask you: Why using ugly strokes to draw the mouth when everything else is clean and nice to look at?

i so want the real thing to apear XD

haha good video and i so want for the true one to apear since spy is my favourite class, he is hard to play with but its so satisfying to see em die at ur feet bwaaaahahaha XD