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Reviews for "2008| Meet the Spy"

Great laugh

To be fair, I was not expecting much. Animation looked ridged and awkward. And the voices was strange to say the least. But where you lacked in Noise work and Animation you made up for very well with Charm and Humour. This, is a hell of a lot funnier than most other work on NG, and despite the flaws I pointed out, this could very well have been a Valve written piece.

Good job :D

5/10 Is average, not 9/10

It was JUST like it!

I was wondering when they were gonna come out with "Meet the Spy"

VALVe should just go ahead and use this one haha! awesome job man, this is a front-page get for sure.


Lolol, great work


That waz funny! I always loved Hide and go Seek lol Nice flash!


Funny how he stabs everyone. Decent animation though! :D:D:D:D