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Reviews for "2008| Meet the Spy"

true to valve style

this one was much better than your other. it hit so close to home, i imagine valve would applaud you. only thing is i doubt that the spy would have an accent like that. but its no biggie.

(+ 0.0018)

back stabber.

Shear Genius

With these flash animations, you seem like your one of the valve employees working on the "Meet the" animations. This was clear and well planned as I saw, keep this up I wish to see more. Sadly you might be out pasing the valve guys since there "updates" are so soon (intense sarcasm). Overall, entertaining to watch. :)

this is front page material

excellent in every aspect.
Visual, sound, humour!

why is there some border-line gay shit like "Birthday surprise" instead?
This should have taken that spot. Animations like these don't get the attention they deserve just because of poor judgement skills on Newgrounds administration side.. FIX IT! (is this site really becoming all about some stupid cock jokes and gay shit?)

excellent movie!

it was hilaroius, i like the art style. and the humor was nice. TO bad i have been banned for 24 DAYS..... anyway good vid.