Reviews for "2008| Meet the Spy"

Pure Valve Style!

Hey, wasn't that a WCC disguise? O.o

That was great!!

Ahahahahahaha, that was great dude. XD The animation is superb, pretty much exactly the same as the game just in 2D. The voices, I have to agree that the Spy should probably be more French-sounding and possibly talk a lot about romance and stuff. But all up it was very well done. I laughed quite a lot through it.

And I also caught the bit at the end about still waiting for new weapons and stuff on console. That sucks dude. :(

Very interesting

You definitely used valve's sense of humor. Great work on the animation as well. The hide and go seek reference, Priceless. Good job sir, You deserve a medal.

~ I was never really on your side ~


Haha, I'm always a Spy on TF2.

true to valve style

this one was much better than your other. it hit so close to home, i imagine valve would applaud you. only thing is i doubt that the spy would have an accent like that. but its no biggie.