Reviews for "2008| Meet the Spy"


That's really all I can say. :D

lol thats funny

i might just go and buy the game now thanks

This was amazing...

...only you DIE!!

Highlights include the whole hide-and-go-seek bit, the expression/"aaugugh!" of the heavy when he sneaks up behind him, and the ending bit with the scout.

GREAT stuff, mate. As good, if not funnier, than the actual Valve production.


i thought that this might have actually been one of the "Meet the...." videos
and you just made it into animations
that was great!
totally reminded me of team fortress too (no pun intended)
being a fairly good spy myself i felt this was a really good representation of how people act around them
keep up the good work!
what can i say
i guess i'm a child at heart

Its "okay.."

The graphics were okay, a decent 7/10.

The voice acting... sounded nothing like the spy in the game. He sounded like a drunk man with a stick up his ass trying to impersonate Pepe' Le Pew. Oh, and why did the engineer sound like one of those red-necks from Blue-Collar TV. I give your voice acting a horrid 1/10.

Similarities to the game. Where do I begin... The spy has a striped tie, along with patches on his suit. The dispenser doesn't dispense those plus signs unless its healing someone. The spy's cig is on the wrong side of his face. etc... a generous 4/10.