Reviews for "MonstersDen:Book of Dread"

love it

love the randomness of the lvls and loot xD


"Jesus falters in his preparation. 'There is an arcane force at work'" XD Love the inventory system, too!

I love the inventory

I've never seen anyone do a proper one in all the bunch of RPG i've played here.
I love the way you can hover and see the comparison of items, which suck which dont, the scroll parch ment for the store was a neat idea, unlocking infinite mode is awesome but beating it in hard (which I havent) must give grander rewards. It reminded me of my D&D sessions with my friends. The art was cool. The item enhancers also, my only gripe is I cant heal anyone unless I am in battle but thats what the rest stops are there for, still... but I digress, awesdome game.

Love it

I love this game its great the style of dungeon crawl the music was pretty good.
I Like the new classes and the shop which helped make gameplay faster. Nice boss battle too

Simple, yet addictive

The part I enjoy most is the placement of your characters before the battle commences. A good strategy based on your players skills works well. It might be interesting to expand this to a 5 width grid if you do another version.

The part I enjoy least is the masses of items. I would prefer less items - both carried around and found. It would make finding a piece of good equipment more rewarding, and cut down the amount of time sifting through the various options.

I would also like to see more of the unique events or sub-plots. Perhaps giving certain rooms strengths and weaknesses (eg a dark room favours warriors or undead).