Reviews for "MonstersDen:Book of Dread"


I don't know why, but I like first part more. It's great too, but.... I don't know. And why here's no summoner class? Only on other webside? That's kinda lame. And barbarian is not so good, Warrior is far better. He can wield all weapons, Barbarian not.

Good game, but I enjoyed first part more, I don't know why....

Still One of the Best.

I drooled over the first one, so I'm going to give this one some love too. lol.

Great music

What music did you use?
Is it available for download?


I loved the first one and some of the things u have done with this one are definent improvements, like the fact that u can walk for more than one block. but at the same time i dont like the store. it seems like a good idea except u end up holding crap and taking up all sorts of room , in the edn i just ended up destroying everything including my store scrolls. great game otherwise i play it everyday


one of the best flash games ive played yet keep up the good work!!