Reviews for "MonstersDen:Book of Dread"


excellent work this is like 2x better than the first one. VERY ADDCITING xD




I cant beleave i'm saying this but THIS GAME IS AWESOME, i spend all day playing this game lol .
MonsterDen best game ever lol :D


this game is very addicting, so addicting that i cant stop playing this.. i liked this so much i got to make another account and write a review on this..

i played the first monster den, didnt play that much coz its to unconvinient.. but the changes made here were very helpful, especially when walking/searching the room became much faster and the items are segregated so that it would be easier to see the items..

the hard part of this and i think others also commented about it, is the storage and the part where you can only go back to town when u get the scroll only.. maybe its a challenge, i mean going back to town every battle is just gonna make the game easy and time consuming.. how about, u can walk back to town but the monster spawn randomly? so that people would think twice in going back to town..
cant use pots in battle? why get mad about it.. if u can use unlimited pots in battle then wheres the challenge there? then the campaign where u need to survive in the non-stop wave would be nothing but a waste..

i cant even believe others would not want this game and even hate this game.. at least give an good reason why u hate this game and not just say "too boring i give u a zero" or "too hard i give u a zero" or "dont understand this zero" or "its just click and click no animation booo zerooo!!".. sad people indeed -.-

btw, if anyone here also had problems where ur character cant attack from the back, before starting the fight u can drag them where u wanna place them.. i made 4 warrior and 1 of my warrior cant do nothing coz he cant attack -.- .. because of that i gave this game a low score.. but after a while i understood the gameplay and understand that the placing can also be a strategic something something.. at some part of the dungeon level there will be a boss where his 1st move is to scramble ur places, tough luck on the soft characters that are put in front o.o ..

hmm dunno if im right, try to balance all equips to each character, ull never know what they gonna attack first.. the option recommend is also very useful, sometimes i dont follow it coz sometimes it recommends more armor with no stats than an armor with stats.. the weapon spear is very useful, can attack even if ur char's from behind.. also poison attacks are useful, sometimes ur enemy dies of poison before even attacking.. in equips and weapons, balance everything also the quickness(higher means more faster ur turn will be).. char stat point distribution(im still a noob)..

like warrior becoz of cleaving and leadership skill >:]

perfect boredom buster!

this game is teh roxorz man! i stopped playing GTA IV just to keep leveling on this. lol. thanks for a great game.