Reviews for "MonstersDen:Book of Dread"


not m fave

Nice Game

I Played this game and thought, wow this game is pretty well put together and then i played the game and thought great game.

Better than DnD?

Ok, iv played DnD takes way to long this is a short simple version of it that's easy to understand and infinitly playable

Pros: infinate storyline
The store makes it so you dont have to destroy all of you old items
custom portraits are amazing
way easer to move
the special creatures are cool
enchatments are really nice
allience of evil levels rock
Bosses can be replayed! (this is the best part)

Cons: only a few enemy classes
only a few weapon types
conjour on on kongregate (even though it is pretty crappy)

Improvements that could be made:
sandbox mode where you can customize waves of enemys and use charecters from the campagne
more classes (of hero and enemy)
more types of items (relics that can be sold for lotsa money)
more types of potion (things that boost damage reflection and absorbition)
a dizzy status condition (when accuracy is below 60%)
A confused status condition (attacks self or allies)
possably a snowman class (freezes you but fire does huge damage)
an all boss level where you fight only bosses in groups of 5 or 6

the people know what they want!!!
yes this is way better than DnD

Wonderful, a thing of beauty

This is great, really got me back into the game after i got bored of the last one, extremely addictive xD. Also, i love the ability to put in your own character pictures. The new content is also fantastic. i have nothing bad to say about this game appart from the fact that it eats up too much of my time, lol.

Awesome game!

"Monster's Den" was already excellent but you even managed to improve upon it! It's fantastic that you can travelk much faster now. There are tons of new items and I really like the idea with the shop (now you don't have to destroy the items any more). The quests and mysterious shrines were also very good (you should implement more of them). And the room with the special monster was also cool.

Regarding the shop: You should be able to sell more than one item at once (e. g. mark all the items you want to sell and then click "sell" - buut that didn't seem to be possible). And why is it that you can't buy normal items in survival mode?

Thank you very much for this absorbing game!!