Reviews for "MonstersDen:Book of Dread"


I have been playing this for the past 2 days! You have made something AMAZING here, I find some games on NG that grab my attention, and some that make me question the exsistance of god. This game just grabbed me and sucked me in!!
Graphics-10- I wouldn't say it had amazing graphics, but for style intended, they were perfect! Smooth, original, colorful (but not too colorful) The graphics fit nicely with this game!!
Style-10- I am a huge fan of NES dungeon games! The remind me of a simpler time... *sigh*... Anyways! I love this style of game, and adding a survival mode to this type of game was a good idea. Adding attributes to you equipment was a little D&D, but that is a good thing. It's hard to make a game without it being in D&D, im just glad it was thing and not the lame dice-to-hit style =P
Sound-10- I like the sound. it was choppy, like most games, I didn't hear any from a well known game like Balder's Gate, or, and YES I have heard this in some games, Legend Of Zelda SFX... Sad I know haha. Your choice in sound went well with this game!!
Interactivity-!!10!!- Geez, where to start? I felt like I was playing 'Champions Of Norrath' for-christ-sakes!! 9, count'em, 9 different slots from armor! Being able to add attributes to them, various spells for each class!

This is a VERY good game! Like I said, I've been at it for 2 days and I'm still not done! I am going back to playing it when I am done writing! I hope one day you will get your chance to work on a game for a big console like Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft! This is well made and I hope to see a LOT more from you! Good jod and I hope the best for you!!!


Maybe one of the best (and most addicting) RPGs on newgrounds. Great way to spend a few hours with alot of different ways to play so its hard to get bored. Even if you're not a fan of RPGs I reccomend you give this game a try, it's a great combination of action/RPG/adventure/defense and with a few different campains even if you're not a fan of one you might love another.


I didn't think it was going to be as fun as it was. It's a good way to kill an hour.

Best game on NG

Just Perfect G
Everything u want just packed in a game
Could play it for weeks without sleeping or eating
damn addictive...
getting a bit hard if everithing is on highest difficulty
but should be like this
really nothing to improve

almost perfect

this game is awesome but i think it could use more bosses after lv 10