Reviews for "We are the ONE."


it was a nice video but i tend to fnd these kind of movies pointless. i mean there will never be complete peace. but i guess its people like you that try to prevent the human race from its inevitable fate of destruction. but hey thats just my opinion and you don't have to pay much attention to it, but yea nice animation otherwise


This is really awesome video, keep doing good work.


Nice samples out of cod4, great message, i think that we as humans get so caught up in our governments propoganda that we often forget that having a different ethnicity does not mean we are of a different race, but creatures of a different enviroment. In the end we are all the same, i mean just cause there are hundreds of different breeds of dogs doesn't make any one breed less of a dog than another, right? Individuality is what has allowed us to become what we are, if we were all the same, no one would learn anything new, we would cease to evolve and die out. So don't be afraid of differences between one person to the next, embrace them, learn everything you can about what makes them different from you, and add "what you will" to your own culture to make it better. That is my definition of life, put simply, learn to evolve.


your obsessed with dancing arn't you?

keep up the good work

Good shit

like we made have different skin color but we are the same we are human