Reviews for "We are the ONE."

good anmotion

great anmtion and hey , just leave the topic a said =P just comment the Flash itself i know this will just start the , they ,them , did , didn't stuff so anyway

Great flash and hope you post more =) i love it


i was just blown away by the amazing animation and the profound message this projects. an absolutely beautiful piece.

Good Flash

However, you are quite mistaken, the War in Iraq and in Afghanistan is not a war against Islam.

You are portraying America as somewhat of a bully that is pushing around the poor islamic countries, when in fact we are liberating those countries and have liberated them from a dictatorship and from the Taliban.

Radical Islamists only understand force, the people of the world won't just sit down together and sing kumbya together just because you want them to.

Hell, even the Dali Lama said that radical Islam can only be dealt with by force.

Please stop sympathizing with the insurgents in Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever the hell this takes place.

Really great intertainement and logic Flash!

It must have been long to search for the translation of 73 languages commonly or partly used in industrial countries.
As for my opinion, unlike some reviews made by other, not only do I see conflict and wars as useless, but can prouve it by simply telling what's currently creating wars aren't religious believes, but simply one word that changed the whole world when it started : Money.
Money is an useless as much as war since it's only a way to express our lack of relationship between our own kind by giving it some value so that some people can promote themselves over other while thinking about only themselves first.
(I could write a book of over 1000 pages without any problem if I would wish, but it's not about this flash animation, so I won't go further)

So, let's just say "We are the world... We are the people... We are ONE!"

Holy Crap.....

The whole Middle Eastern colors bring out the true brutality of war, but then changes to this "I love you" in 100+ different languages. I do agree that war is what tears people apart, but everyone must understand that war happens because it's necessary. It shuts the enemy up, and brings those who fight for good no option but to fight for what is just. War is hell, but it happens. Also, what happened to bringing more vibrant colors like from the big hit "O.N.E"? There very few colors deployed in this film, except a few exceptions (like the part with the pigeons, etc.) Isn't the message all about making peace? Anyway, you are the best artist I've seen in Newgrounds, and you should use more colors to depict more striking images, like the warzone, or the famous buildings around the world displayed while the dolls in the background (which in this case, they are korean dolls called 'Seo-Tai-Ji' dolls, and are only SOME of them) dance their heart out. But incredible job.

GothStorm's score: 10.0
GothStorms comments: Looks like somebody has been playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare lately........