Reviews for "We are the ONE."

i couldnt help but coment

man oh MAN!!!
i was totally touched by this u did excellently! the animation was cool as! the music the story line!! WOAH!!! U BLOW ME AWAY!!! and the message it totally true, no matter wat race u r or wat language u speak there is one language we all speak...

good job man you get a rating i rarly give out

i barly ever give this out for im a a greatly known critic but im touched by the song and how you put the vidoe together.

It made me cry

The message is so true and simple- it's beautiful.

Here we go again!!

I could've sworn I had seen something like this on another website. It was fantastic in every sense of the word and I knew it was only a matter of time before the Asian girl showed up. I absolutely loved the message this cartoon sent about peace. The art shift into CGI was wonderfully done as well. I had no idea what was going on, but the use of photographs was flawless and powerful as well! We need more people like you, who use different techniques and styles to show how we are truly all of the same planet and must work together to overcome our problems!

nice message

I think even though the world's language is diffrent, doesn't exactly mean we're all diffrent. BTW nice choice of music =3