Reviews for "We are the ONE."


that s was awesome and very true, it was a nice work of art very beautiful. Dont listen to people when they say its lame or corny. It was very good i hope to see more in the future. And the dances make me want to dance.

F*** the nay sayers

I loved it. So don't take any heed to the negative comments below me. They just don't have a soft spot left in them is all. The animation was excellent and the concept was refreshing. Keep it up. We need more of this.

I'm a fan of all out violence, but sometimes a step back to breathe and realize some of it is unnecessary is all we need...


Great!...but gay...

Yes this movie was a excellent creation. A true piece of art... but my rebellious/anarchy/nihilistic side couldn't take the dancing to "We are the One"... yeah it was a great great video but with a lame idea. "World Peace and Love".... How corny. So yes this was a true masterful piece of art, but a corny one.

Language is different but Love is one???


ok but kt bias

i think this was a little bias beacause the message is that (i think) muslims are bad people and kill inocent people with familys but u got to think what was the point i mean one person can die thats a whole lifetime i mean like years days hours of life fun bordom yet muslims arnt people eather i mean c'mon and blaming 9-11 on the muslim is alll contravursy Iam a 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist and Iam trying to get some fact on it and i found that jet fuel burns at a lower tempature than steel yet at 9-11 the steel burned but not the jet fuel and did u no that they found everyones passport untouched AND how do u hijack a plane witr knifes i mean KINFES think about it pm me if u agree

Interesting concept

The beginning was strong. And the animation of each nation's most outstanding structure was quite impressive, as well. However...the dancing was a bit...It seemed quite out of place. Would have been good without it, as well.