Reviews for "We are the ONE."


This is so deep it makes you just stop and think. awsome graphics and chioce of music. looking forword to future works if you keep them as good as this one.

Inspring half..

But the dancing ruined it for me. I like how you depict the tolls of wars, but not the ridiculous part. Do you tell a person who lost a loved one in war to dance? You do not tell genocide stories together with skateboarding or in-line dancing or karaoke. You do not distill the reality no matter how cold and putrid it is. Though..imo, wars, just as dancing brings people together(brotherhood and all).

It Made Me Think

Some people are going back and forth about the dancing...I think that the truth of it is the universal idea that no matter what color you are, where you live, or how old you are, dancing brings us together as, well, one. I have personal connection to war, and I know how it hurts, but this video will change many hearts over time.


This is so deep that almost any one that watched this would change their opinion on war, because every one has some one they love that loves them equaly.


ppl complained about the video and the dancing... and yet every one of those ppl are missing the message the author is trying to send, it doesn't matter if peace can never be achieved, it doesn't matter that the dancing is out of place (which btw is not true, i loved the dancing part!) as long as the author made a slight difference in someone with his video, i think it's well worth it ^_^ GJ and thank you for sharing!