Reviews for "We are the ONE."

This is just so right :)

No matter really where we are there are always love. That is one thing we humans don't see. When we see most people, we just see a strange person, in war, your enemy saddly often. But this, this shows that we can really just all lay down our weapons. Becus really, deep down in ourself, we want just love. But those humans saddly who found this, get often driven around with those who don't. Maybe that is why we got war :(

many languages...

but love is all the same u cannot kill love because everyone loves atleast one person and if we fight to save the ones we love what about the people u fight? they have loved ones so why fight at all? if we didnt fight we wouldnt lose loved ones by means of bullets or fire or anything unnatural means..... i wish the whole world would watch this video and i mean the WHOLE world... every last person ur deep man deep.... never give up the dream that the whole world will one day join hang in hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


it is good to see a message like this that is not saying war should be stoped, but just saying that it should not be the only thing there is. i was also glad you put a bit of religion in there to show the love God (or whatever other religion there is). amazing flash good message well done.


Awesome 8D! CALL OF DUTY! DAAAMN! IT must've took you long to translate those languages XD!


Its awsome and i even saw i love you on serbian(my language) Volim te :)