Reviews for "We are the ONE."


This is nice and all but you seemed to have posted this flash twice!


This has a very deep meaning, as mentioned before, and the dancers where very smooth, and they had very life-like movement.

As for people like WakkaBoom, if everybody in the world wanted peace and everybody stoped fighting, there would be no war. And if there was no war, no shooting.

good message

its a good message and a good flash but im gonna tell you rite now there are two possiblitys in the futre #1 there will never be peace made by humans alone we are not capable of it we are aggressive and destructive.

#2 peace is temporareily achevied through the death of the people who know of war peace will be sustained until there is a little disagreement of the people who survived and it will happen again .

Politcal... perhaps, but deep as well.

Technically this video was incredible. The dancers were all smooth and believable, the action in the beginning was fast and well done.

The message, I think, goes beyond the "iraq war" and ecompasses the entirety of the issue. Peace is what we all are striving for, just having a hard time finding the way to get there.

Great work overall, loved it.


I may say this. NEVER listen to... people like WakkaBoom, they are wrong. We can stop the suffering, the hate, and the pain caused by the disasters of man. The wars, the poverty, the raping of our planet and ourselves, we can solve that. We can fix the planet, and we can stop war, stop poverty, stop sickness, and stop the destruction of man and earth.

I say again, NEVER listen to people like WakkaBoom, it's people like them who would have us sit on our asses, listen to our leaders, and assume that everything is fine and dandy as is.

Now, back to the point. As I said on the trailer, amazing job, one of the best I've seen.