Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


was i supposed to get shot by the guy in the tower?

danomano65 responds:

yes. you get to change ur destiny in the next one.


That was really cool.
It reminds me of that X-Files game that had been released for the Playstation where the gameplay was just like this except it had a lot more interactive elements.
You should try incorporating more interactive stuff besides just traveling and reading, definitely would make it a bit more exciting lol
Good job so far though!

Thank you.

Succinct. Probably the best word to describe it, succinct in a beautiful way. Everything ties in amazingly, the plot you created and the original LOST story. The refferences were subtle yet brilliant. I think the backgammon set was your coup de gras, and the way there was a pistol lying so casually next to it. It echoes Locke's aggresive and manipulative nature while leaving an element of mystery as to his fate (why would he leave his gun?)

Kudos. Cant wait for the sequel.

awesome game

First off I loved how you in coperated that creepy LOST atmosphere into the game with the music and books.
P.S. I understand about the sniper and the clones but dont wanna spoil it for the others


It's a very neat and unique game. I got shot! lol. It looks nice and has a good amount of interactive-ness. ;)
So, you go to the University of Texas? My brother goes to UT @ Austin. Today is his 21st birthday. ;)