Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


That scared the fuck out of me jesus chirst almighty my whole body jerked really fast lol that was a great game lol you should make another.

it was very good

wasnt expecting that at all!! it was very good i liked how u had to pick :] i kinds got confused but its becuase i dont weatch the show

I love Lost.

Awesome job man. You really did a great job on the pictures. The whole time I was just like "Woaaah. It looks like it's really part of the show." The way you put the station logo in, it just looked so smooth and in place.

Also, the story makes perfect sense. For all of the people who finish it and are confused, thinking it's just random, it does make sense. Read the journals.

I think the best part of this game was how the story was held together. It was a very interesting twist. Once I had figured it out, I was just like "Wow.. That's crazy." I really liked the detail you put into it. One of my only complaints is that 'write' is spelled incorrectly in one of the journals.

One more thing. A question for the author:
Did the backgammon set intentionally have reference to the numbers? If so, could you explain to me the entire reference?

danomano65 responds:

a lot of the interior pictures were simply googled. most of the numbers are coincidence, which makes it that much more important. I loved being surprised by them. When u first come out of the pipes, there's a pipe with 42 scratched into it. it's awesome. most of the time the show has numbers in there just as reference to the mystical properties they hold. there's a 16 on the air plane as well. I'm so glad u understood and loved it. I was really excited about the LOST fans looking at this. I'm excited to make another one.


that was a shock.... ahh.... didnt expect that dont worry people its nuthin wrong just didnt expect it

Holy Shit Dude

Man that ending near fucking killed me. But i dont get it, I didn't see that much, i read the journal about the rebirthing and the one in the hallway and then i walked outside and BAM! I'm not sure if i missed anything, but what i saw was awesome. Great job!