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Reviews for "Russians again?"


Liked the short story. Nice voice acting and animation.

Dew responds:


Not bad

I liked the intro, it looked sweet. Neuclear war is coming, whether its soon or years from now. Makes a political statement ;)

Dew responds:

Haha, thx.


oops u got me =[ now come here AtGod88!!!! RAWR lol

Nice movie i wonder if itll ever happen o.o but ya diverting missiles!??! HOW lol too short too but it was cool, i give u 9/10

Dew responds:

Thanks. ^__^

For the response

Hmm where's the proper bar preloader. A replay but would be nice so you know it doesn't loop. Huzzah for some of the graphics boo the rest.

Dew responds:

Thanks... >_>


Ur it.

Weird movie.

Dew responds:

Pfft, get back here.