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Reviews for "Russians again?"


good one but you shouldnt speak, just let it go with music

Dew responds:



Looks good! The filesize is small, the concept is unique and everything flows nicely together. It's easy to see that you spent quite some time on this as well, looking forward to watching more of your stuff, keep it going!


Dew responds:

Lawl. <3


It is not realy my favorite kind of movie, but somehow I liked this one.
Nice point with the bombs.

Keep it up.

Dew responds:


Some decent flash you got there.

I am not going to say all those things about colours, lines and stuff because im not a person that looks for those things and im not a person that writes so long reviews like below me, i will do it in THA BART style.

The beginning (like everyone) i liked how the black bubbles where animated.
And in the next scene (like everyone) the flag was a little low animated.
Anyway the idea of a nuclear war like this, is a bit crazy, but yeah for a movie it would be cool i think.
I am not going to say it's was to short because it's an intro.
Anyway, you got some pretty decent flash there Dew, keep it up!

Dew responds:

Thank you. ^___^

hai thar

i liked the bubbles at the beginning. they looked awfully, neat, but then comes the motherland's flag. it looks sloppy - the lines aren't cleaned up very well and it needs some more animation; it's a bit jerky. the guy pushing the button looks pretty stylish, but i really don't like the green lines. there's no green in the environment, and he's wearing all black, so why is there green? i think a white outline would have done you justice on that scene. i noticed that the reflection wasn't a true reflection, but just a transparent version of the guy. i think, that if you had taken the time to draw a proper reflection (meaning, FINGERS), that it would have looked a lot nicer. the sound quality of the speech is good, though. no crackles or bumps or obnoxious breathing sounds to be heard. i like how smooth the missile-tracking lines move in the next scene, but the U.S. diverting them to Africa? i dunno, seems a bit devious. wouldn't we shoot them down?

then comes this next scene...the abrupt change in art style here really disrupts the atmosphere, here. it's far too cartoony and jagged. the semi-3d missile looks ok until it rotates downward, more. then it just looks like a load of multi-colored polygons. and then..it just ends. it seemed like far too short of a movie with this abrupt ending. i suppose one could make that into a positive, in that it didn't overstay its welcome, but i think it could have gone on a bit longer, going into detail of the ramifications the nuclear war caused.

pretty good movie, mr. Dew. a few flaws here and there, and it's a bit short, but other than that, it's pretty good.

Dew responds:

Haha, you're not a bad reviewer at all are you? You managed to get a lot of good points in your review, I like that. This submission happens to be an intro for another future submission. You made me laugh more than a few times, well worth asking you to review. Nice.