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Reviews for "Russians again?"

the reason i'm rating this is due to the animation you could have done a little better my friend still good animation message also what song


I always knew Russia would bomb Kansas

Dew responds:

Well someone has to.

Sorry if I offend...

...but quite frankly I am not rating this a 6/10 for quality of animation. I like the message, but it seems your just throwing it out there and not really driving the point home. Also I liked the bubbles...as wierd as that sounds. Beyond that, it kinda sucked.

Dew responds:



Too short. I would have liked it to continue.

Oh,what song was that? Make sure to give credit when you use a song or any other artist's work.

Dew responds:

I thought it was quite good.


"Well there was several weeks spent on this submission and I found it to be of satisfactory level. The submission itself has very many intricate layers of art and is a true sight to behold. Hope you enjoy."

ur funny.

Dew responds: