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Reviews for "Russians again?"

It was awright.

Nothing special. When I decided to watch it and read your comment, I expected more... Oh well. Better luck next time!

Dew responds:

Excuse me?

Your striking above middle field

It was short but it was to the point. Which is great, because who really wants to watch a 5 minute long animation if it could be explained in 2 minutes.

Someone else wrote a review saying "The graphics were pretty good! ...and the animation was awesome." I agree. Your graphics are pretty good, they are not the best but we can't expect that from everyone.

I had a bigger problem though. To me the animation style seems to be inconsistent. For example the phone looks different from the man who looks different from the background which looks different to the rockets.

If you ever plan on re-doing this animation I would suggest some updated assets and a starting and ending frame. Loops are good but this is clearly not a loop, so it should have a loading screen with a play button and a closing screen with a "watch again?" button.

Dew responds:

Ah cool.

It could be true

The scary part is that this could have been a real. This was a very posible option during the cold war... enoughe history lessons, i give you 4 for the animation 3 for the history and 2 for the voice acting.

Are you making more of this? It could turn into a serie

Dew responds:

:D Thx.

(Not likely :P)

Why did Russia attack USA?

Just didn't get that part? Btw, Canada's awesome.

Dew responds:

Yes, yes it is. ;)


The graphics were pretty good! I liked them a lot.
and the animation was awesome.
You might want to make it a bit longer though next time, I would enjoy seeing more.

Dew responds: