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Reviews for "Russians again?"

Very Good

A little short but the artwork was very good.

Dew responds:

Appreciate the review.

Pretty good.

I liked it, but it could use some work. The voice acting had a lot of static and kind of took away from the effect of the flash. Also, I think you should have completely drawn everything instead of using pictures. Lastly, it seemed like it didn't have an end.

Overall, it was good and it had a good message.

Dew responds:

<3 Much love.

Pretty cool.

Nice animation & art, but a bit short.

The best part was the picture of the bubbles, whoever made them non transparent must be god or something.

Dew responds:

Hahahaha. Yea, that guy must have been the best ever, I wonder who he must have been.

Don't care about the subtle crap...

....these other reviewers have talked about,...so i'll keep it simple. The frikkin flash was well done and entertaining.

Dew responds:

Alright, ^___^

Too short

I agree with jeroldx on most things, though I didn't catch the clothing thing.
But something else that caught my eye is that endeavor is spelt with an 'a' in it.

Dew responds:

Haha, good eye. Write a review for the other submission while you're at it.