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Reviews for "Russians again?"


Liked the short story. Nice voice acting and animation.

Dew responds:



The graphics were pretty good! I liked them a lot.
and the animation was awesome.
You might want to make it a bit longer though next time, I would enjoy seeing more.

Dew responds:


Pretty cool.

Nice animation & art, but a bit short.

The best part was the picture of the bubbles, whoever made them non transparent must be god or something.

Dew responds:

Hahahaha. Yea, that guy must have been the best ever, I wonder who he must have been.


First, improvements.

Your voice was a little too loud, the music should have quietened as you began to talk. It should have been longer! That's basically it.

Now for the good parts.

The graphics were pretty decent, got the job done. The choice of music was superb, very emotional and stirring. The story was great as well. It's kind of scary in that it could happen, apart from the deflecting bit I guess.Your voicing was very good as well, serious and neutral.

I hope you'll continue with the story you've sort of started It could be very interesting.

Dew responds:

You're nice in this review. Hah, thank you for it.

not bad...

if it was a bit longer and had a longer storyline I would like much more. it was pretty good though. U promised a response!!!!!I WANT MY RESPONSE!!!!WHERE IS IT!!! I WANT IT NOW!!! I STILL DONT SEE A RESPONSE...fine... be that way

Dew responds:

This shall be your response. I'm good with what I say ;)