Reviews for "Batman Hates Robin"


Great movieXD. Batman face in this movie is hmm... funny??:D

The anolagy

First you should make him talk. Why were his teeth yellow?Make it faster Dont make a 3 year old story line and if you dont like slow dont watch this


This video is pretty... ehm... Childish, but I actually found it funny. Stupid Robin. It may not be of adult humor, but anyone who has wanted Batman to "Baff!" Robin gets their wish in this.


Yea i wouldnt recomed this

vlaktemaat responds:

would'nt recommend you either...


Ok...that was wierd...WHy did batman have green teeth...why did robin look like an old man in one seen, why is it only one spek of salt?!?!? this was a bit wierd for me...and a li'l gross