Reviews for "Batman Hates Robin"


Geez...This made front page...It could be better...Try making it longer, Not as gross, and try not making Robin looks so old.

it was kinda funny

yeah it was an original and everything but it was too short and i didn't care for the way it was drawn. Good news though, it was funny!

It was good...

I especially liked the animation in the flash. The sound effects were alright, but like some of the previous reviewers i found them a bit annoying. But none the less, nice work.


but i dont want to say anything, because chances are that m-bot will delete this

Hmm, well... it was ok.

The drawing was relatively good, but it wasn't animated very smoothly. The sound effects sort of pissed me off, as they we excruciatingly annoying. The humour seemed a tad childish to me. The colours were pretty damn bright... There's a little thing called subtlety.... you may have heard of it. This is one of those marmite instances, some people despise it and others love it. I personally thought it was mediocre. But it's still pretty good, considering the downsides.

I hear M-bot has it in for anyone who has anything bad to say about this animation? Hmm... Well... I guess that's ok. Not like I have a say in anything really... I tried to be constructive, sorry if I'm not.