Reviews for "Batman Hates Robin"

man i love old classic flashes from newgrounds, warms my heart.

i liked it , was cool ;)

So funy and goofy animation.

weird movie but still good work. credits music was awsome loved the music so funny best animaition EVER

The animation was weird and somewhat choppy. I didn't get the joke. I doubt that Batman, THE SUPER HERO, would violate the sanctity of the Dynamic Duo simply because of some snot on his sub. In case you didn't know HE'S A MILLIONAIRE! I think he can afford to by another measly abnormally shiny sub sandwich, eh? I also didn't like the way two of the most epic characters of the Metahuman subcategory in literature and media were portrayed. This is the brainless comedy and way of thinking that rots the minds of our generation and soon it will destroy our posterity if it is not removed like the cancerous and malicious thing that it is. This is undeserving of the front page. >:C