Reviews for "Batman Hates Robin"


I gotta give this a 5. This honestly felt more like an experiment than a coherent animation. I think you were really trying to get the Ren & Stimpy feel down with that animation, but it didn't quite work right...there just seemed to be something missing.


the graphics kinda remind me of the Ren & Stimpy show :P very funny animation :D


the sneez was a bit gross but i cracked up the way he smiled!


a true classic but what was with the salt? who puts salt on a sandwitch? lol well the other noobs before me obviously dont know real humor theyre just stupid emo kids with nothing better to do then to spiol everyones fun

well the piont is good flash! i like it! :)

A work of art.

How did you manage to make it so awesome and look so effortless? It was perfectly random. To all of you complaining about details "robins too old" "gross", you need to look at this piece as a whole! Genius!

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