Reviews for "Batman Hates Robin"

VEry well done.

Honestly i have not seen something like this in a while.
Animation was very smoothly done.
Original Artwork (making Robin look emasciated was funny)
Funny concept.The single grain of salt and the booger.
Overall a great short film.Keep it up


Follows a bit of that Ren and Stimpy style. Good use of the sound effects in exaggeration. I love this style.


Didn't laugh really, wouldn't say its first page stuff. Liked that you put the effort into animating it fully though, always a good thing ^^

Liked it

Really enjoyed your flash. It seem a lot like Ren and Stimpy, God I miss that show. I would really liked if you did something longer with this style.


the despcription was no lie this flash includes frame by frame animation yet she's not even worth the look.To the guy who did this go read the animators survival kit by our dear friend Richard Williams.You must learn how to simulate power and speed,we could not feel the power when robin sneazed and also when batman throw's his punch.Other than that nice graphics but not funny