Reviews for "Batman Hates Robin"


10 duhh... i don't understand why people give you a 5 or something it is fun!


Tis was terrible, it had no storyline whatsoever! Plus, they didnt even speak!

haha wtf

that was funny and amusing in a weird way good job

maybe a storyline would have been nice but whatever imo it should not have gotten front page not saying its bad but yeah its just not that great but it is funny in a weird gross ren and stimpy kinda way


lol boring movie but good animating and the last bit at the end (the song and batman dancing) deserves a 10


I'm to drunk to wright a review...hehe not!
but i am too tired wright a long speech, so ill just say this:
Interesting(could of had a story line)
Great detail on the food and on the characters(some times)
could of been longer
but still great
! keep it up/!