Reviews for "[fishes]"

That was pretty awesome

Really nice. Love your animations, they're so unique. Definitely looks like something that'd be shown at a film festive or something btw.

Very artistic and conceptual

This is quite a change from stuffs we usually saw on Newgrounds. The concept may not be exactly new but you put effort and time into making this and I can see the meaning this flash tries to express. I've watched your previous works before and I think they're amazing for being made by someone at your age. I hope more people can appreciate this kind of flash movie.

notorious responds:

thanks and a surprising number of people do appreciate it!

Nice piece of art

I dig the mixed media effect. Quite original. The only issue I had was that you originally referred to 9,999 other people and you = 10,000 and later refer to 9,999 other eyelids. Wouldn't it be 19998 eyelids? I guess that would screw up the poetry. Nice work! I encourage you to submit another piece in the future!

notorious responds:

wow good point lmao

i didn't notice that, but now that you mentioned it, yeah that wouldn't have the same effect

Great stuff.

Great animation, great style, and a good use of video. It would've been nice to have a nameless narrated reading the captions them rather than to have to read it all. But the overall mood of the piece makes it very engaging.


cool tunes, dawg