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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

Too hard

Nice, but too hard.

to easy

This game is way to easy, maby making a bit harder would make it fun. 2/5


Its just crazy and incredible hard and of course the rythm is still there !!
I finaly beated it with alot of frustration and my friends laughing their asses off I sucked xP
This is your bio !

"I create rhythm based games. Music should not just be a background to games, it should be PART of the game. That's where I come in ;P"

Freaking true !! You really belong here to the rythm collection! You rock !! ^^


nice, very original, and very hard, I only made it to level 3!


what did u smoke when u made this....

anyway, pretty good game. frustrating, lol, but rly fun. interesting gameplay, and decent graphics, too. well done on this