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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

Good not gay

i like the game it made me think and let me destroy stuff i give it a ten. and unlike the person under me, just cause u suck at playing video games and have no life doesnt mean u should try and attack this game with a bad review. if u do not like it NO ONE GIVES A SHIT so shut up and be nice. THANX!


easy is extremely hard!

Hard but addicting

Hard but addicting. This is a fun game! If only it were to come out on DS... Who knows? Perhaps Nintendo will stumble across it. It will turn out just like Line Rider.

Perfect music and art based game. Almost perfect.

The only thing is that on a mouse it's really hard. On a tablet it would be easier I can tell. I don't know what you could do to fix it, so you still get 10/10,5/5 :) great game!


Dude what are you still doing on newgrounds? Dude you need to apply for a job right after collage at a videogame company cause' i'd really love to play music based games on my 360 some day!